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This book takes Angus McPherson, a Canadian Joint Task Force two-member, to Kabul, where he is injured by a suicide bomber, which leads Angus into thee years of intense therapy. When Angus has almost recovered back to the physical shape he had before the attack, he decides to take a job in civilian life as a plumbing sales rep, working for a former football teammate.
As a plumbing salesman, Angus heads to Chicago for the annual Kitchen and Bayh show. In Chicago Angus meets April, a beautiful twenty-nine-year-old teacher who is staying in town visiting her brother, an FBI antiterror agent. While at the show, Angus stumbles upon four suspicious men talking in Arabic, posing as Italian exporters. Anguss spider sense kicks in, and he contacts Aprils brother Dave to inform Dave off his suspicions. Together Dave and Angus try to prevent a couple of terror attacks scheduled for that week in Chicago. After the episode in Chicago, April heads to Toronto to visit Angus, her newfound boyfriend. At the same time, Dave heads to Toronto, following some leads he is following up on that have tied the al-Qaeda terrorists with the Russian mob that is based in Toronto. While in Toronto Dave gets too close to the bad guys as they arrest the leading Russian mob leader. This prompts the mob to fight back by trying to kill Daves partner and then by kidnapping April in hopes to have their boss released. After Dave contacts Angus , Dave and Angus race to free April from the clutches of the Russian mob. Dave and Angus who has now come out of retirement trying to free his newfound girlfriend April.
Dave and Angus follow a lead to Quantanimo Bay where they learn of another terror plot to set off two suitcase nuclear explosives in the United States. After interrogating the Russian prisoner who is now being held at Gitmo about the nuclear terror plot, Dave and Angus fly to Rochester Hills Michigan where they learn that the two suitcase bombs have already been shipped to a terror cell in New York City. Dave and Angus race off to New York and race against the clock in an attempt to stop the planned nuclear attack.

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