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Forced from her childhood home by the murder of her father and the fear of the man she knew had killed him, Sybil ran from her past. Finding a new home and the love of a miss matched group of people, she'd found peace again even with the scars of her past forever haunting her future. At the turn of the 20th century, her prospects of a family of her own took on new dimensions as she stumbled onto a near frozen discovery. With the love of a small child, Sybil's heart bloomed as fate brought the darkness of a stranger to her door. Was it possible after all this time, she could have a family of her own?*After reading several old western romances by Norah Hess, the story and characters of Texas Rose haunted my dreams. Pushing aside three other stories I'd been working on, Sybil and Cole just wouldn't stay away! I might be a simple country girl, but I'd be lost without my computer and internet, so most of my stories happen in modern times. Texas Rose however is based in the late 1800's (early 1900's) and is my first attempt at older western romance. Unlike my other stories, there was no place for the full, descriptive portrayals of the sexual intimacy in Texas Rose. I hope the readers enjoy Texas Rose as much as I enjoyed writing it.*"Oh my Lord," she whispered still scanning her soft brown eyes over the letter, "Robert, is this for real?" Stepping toward her once again wrapping the softness of his palms over her shoulders, Robert smiled and nodded slowly. "If no parental claims of the child are made by Christmas, the one year standard wait will have been concluded and you can file to adopt Rose yourself," his voice low and soft as the tears began to fall over the length of her lashes. She had grown to love the little girl as her own and now that the possibility of it actually being true settled on her, Sybil trembled with happiness. Looking up at him, the happiness of the warm tears streaked down her cheeks and the sob caught in the back of her throat as he pressed his lips to hers. Slipping his hands down her shoulders and wrapping them around her waist, Robert pulled her body against his as his breath feathered between their lips. With the joy of the news and the sweetness of his breath on her lips, Sybil melted into the warmth of his arms for a moment. She had often longed to be in his arms again, dreamed of them raising Rose as husband and wife. Husband, the word shattered her heart as she realized he was already someone else's husband. Pressing her hands into his chest and pushing him away, Sybil stepped away, holding tight to the letter. "What are you doing," she sobbed as he tried to pull her back to him. Watching the happiness on her face transform into confusion and hurt, Robert lowered his head and stepped back. Pain twisted the soft features of his face. He had always loved her, but he had made his decision two years ago. "Sybil," his voice low as he backed down the steps, stepping into the stirrup of his horse's saddle and swinging his leg over, Robert raised the sadness of his blue eyes to her, "I'm sorry."

Romantische fictie
3 augustus
Jolene Faye

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