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The 3 M's of Money is the Secret to Financial Success!

Find out how a former financial failure discovered the principles of managing, multiplying and maintaining money and used them to dig her way out of financial disaster. In this revealing tell-all, Jamaican Money Coach, Cherryl Hanson Simpson shares her emotional and eventful journey to discover what it really takes to be successful with money.

Do you want to learn the success steps that are required to win in the game of money? This down-to-earth guide will teach you everything you need to know to:

1. Manage your money:
- Prepare a practical budget that works, and use it to control every aspect of your finances
- Determine if debt will be your friend or foe, and get rid of debilitating debt forever
- Convert your desires into SMART goals, and persevere until you achieve your dreams
- Improve your money karma by saving, and choose the right accounts for your goals

2. Multiply your money:
- Calculate income targets that won't intimidate you, and make money by creating value for others
- Realize that investing isn't rocket science, and select investments to help you attain your goals
- Decide if owning a business is right for you, and learn how a business system can make you wealthy
- Understand why working for money won't make you rich, and find passive income opportunities that will

3. Maintain your money:
- Know the 5 risks that can cause you to lose money, and make preparations to mitigate these pitfalls
- Find out if you'll have to work for the rest of your life, and make a plan to retire without stress
- See why death can deplete your wealth, and make provisions to protect your loved ones when you pass on
- Realize that money success is more than your net worth, and embrace healthy attitudes about wealth

If you're on a journey to attain financial success, then The 3 M's of Money is your map!

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30 december
Cherryl Hanson Simpson