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At home regardless of where: on an intergalactic Core Ship in the 35th century, in the White House or on a megayacht 21st century, or in a hacienda in the 16th. Always defending their turf and helping their family—feline or otherwise. Sometimes magical; sometimes messing with magic. Sometimes magnificently mundane.

Always perpetual mischief makers!

Twelve stories collected in one volume:
>In the middle of the night she woke up in her burning apartment--luckily, not alone.
>When a two-tailed cat appeared in the neighborhood, only Alex paid any attention to her. Then she had kittens, and Alex was determined to get the bunch of them off the street and to safety.
>To the casual observer, sisters Zuiko and Akira Oshiro apparently run the AKZ dojo. But the karatekas who study there know the true ruler of the domain: Ninja. When troubles beset one of the blackbelts, the fearless feline intervenes to help find a solution.
>Don't mess with a family of marines, least of all with the General. Especially when that general is a calico who knows how to show who's boss.
>Doña Mercedes Vasquez enjoys and also appreciates the affection and protection of powerful--human and inhuman--friends. So powerful that when burglars think she's alone and break into her hacienda one night, she believes the intruders have far more to fear than she.
>No run-of-the-mill wizard, Sian prides herself on her comprehensive knowledge and fastidious skill, hence her association with the kingdom's ruling family. Then her cat Ersiboo drinks the invisibility potion the princess is waiting for . . .
>One little cat and one humongous yacht equal infinite hiding places. Naturally, Morta decides to explore while her mom's off the ship--after leaving her in the care of two sitters. Can they find her before Mom returns? More importantly, before she gets hurt, or worse.
>Ruffian lives up to her name. She is a pirate, after all, and not to be trifled with. She guards their base on land while the crew is aboard ship, and woe to anyone who tries to invade their house.
>Aryn takes good care of her human. Dru had given her her wings, after all, but Aryn would have liked her anyway. Dru does her best to help people, and creates a great deal of trouble for a bunch of nasty people at the same time.
>Queen Kitten and her human, Juan, are allowed to visit the Oval Office so he can film her settling in to her new home. His mom the President gave her permission this one time. But things never go as planned . . .
>One of the many scientists involved with designing the intergalactic fleet of ships, all Kaelin needs to do is give speeches at the gathering. If only she had the slightest clue what to say. Fortunately, her silver tabby Adhara knows just how to help.

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