The Big Book Of Drums For Beginners: A Must-Read For Adult Drums Novice

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If you are a person who has never tried playing drums before, this book is a perfect choice.

Here are some reasons for you to choose this book:

: This is the only how-to-play-drums book written specifically for adult novices, adults returning to the drums, and for other instrumentalists who want to learn the drums

: You want to learn how to make music, not just play notes.

: It has a practice method based on my professional and academic experience that you can use for any material, in any book

: You can work their own way through at their own pace

: The book and practice method is designed to fit different learning styles

: The book offers a unique notation system designed to make understanding what to do on the drums more intuitive and also to make transitioning to staff notation easier

In this book, you will discover:

: This book is not a compendium of everything you can do on the drums. Instead, it is designed for people who want to start playing drums with other people for fun. Through working your way through this book, you will:

: Get to know the drum set and how to set it up

: Use basic drum technique

: Be able to play basic patterns and fills

: Know how to make those fills groove

: Understand what drums do in a band

: Have a system to take basic drum patterns, master them, and incorporate them into your playing

This book prepares you to begin your adventure with drums in the most pleasant way!

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11 januari
Tillie Upton