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In this powerful book, happiness expert Jennifer Moss explains why burnout is so rampant and provides simple, researched-based solutions for helping employees minimize stress and organizations build happier workplaces.

We tend to think of burnout as a problem we can solve with self-care: more yoga, better breathing techniques, and more resilience. But evidence is mounting that applying personal, Band-Aid solutions to an epic and rapidly evolving workplace phenomenon isn't enough—in fact, it's not even close. If we're going to solve this problem, organizations must take the lead in developing an antiburnout strategy that moves beyond apps, wellness programs, and perks.

In this eye-opening, paradigm-shifting, practical guide, Jennifer Moss lays bare the real causes of burnout and how organizations can stop the chronic stress cycle that an alarming number of workers suffer through. The Burnout Epidemic explains:
What causes burnout—and what organizations can do to prevent itWhy traditional wellness initiatives fall shortHow companies can build an antiburnout strategy based on prevention, not perksHow leaders can measure burnout in their own organizationsWhat leaders can do to develop a happier culture that's high on resilience and curiosity
As the pandemic has shown, self-care is important, but it's not a cure-all for burnout. Employers need to do more. With fascinating research, new findings from the pandemic, and interviews with business leaders around the globe, The Burnout Epidemic offers readers insightful and actionable advice that will empower them to help themselves—and their employees—feel healthier and happier at work.

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28 september
Harvard Business Review Press

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