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A collection of New York Times–bestselling novels about wealth, power, ambition, and the American Dream from “a wonderful storyteller” (A. Scott Berg).

From one of the most prolific and widely read authors of the twentieth century, these three mesmerizing turn-of-the-century sagas are now available in one volume.
Captains and the Kings: Joseph Francis Xavier Armagh is twelve years old when he gets his first glimpse of the promised land through a dirty porthole on an Irish immigrant ship. In America, his long journey will eventually catapult him from the bigoted, small town of Winfield, Pennsylvania, to the highest echelons of society, and grant him entry into the most elite political circles. And even as misfortune follows the Armagh family like an ancient curse, Joseph will exact his revenge against the uncaring world that once took everything from him, settling for nothing less than the pinnacle of glory: the crowning of his son as the first Catholic president of the United States. Sweeping from the 1850s through the 1920s, this “spellbinding tale” was the basis for the 1976 Emmy Award winning television miniseries (Hartford Courant).
Testimony of Two Men: Hambledon, Pennsylvania, is still reeling from the sensational murder trial that shattered the peace of the bucolic hamlet less than a year ago. Accused of killing his beautiful young wife, Dr. Jonathan Ferrier hired the best attorneys money could buy and was acquitted. Many townspeople believe he bought his freedom, but Robert Morgen, a young, idealistic doctor, is determined to make up his own mind about the accused’s innocence or guilt. Is Dr. Ferrier a cold-blooded murderer or a brilliant physician unjustly accused and wrongly maligned? This powerful story touches on faith, religion, and the then-new field of mental health as it explores the evolution of modern medicine.
The Sound of Thunder: The son of a socialist German shopkeeper, Edward Enger has one dream: to turn his father’s modest delicatessen into an empire. With an astute head for business, he achieves success beyond his wildest imagination. Yet something is keeping him from enjoying his extraordinary good fortune. As a boy, Edward thought he would love Margaret Proster all the days of his life . . . until she moved away. Now she is engaged to another man, someone very close to Edward. He vows to take on this latest challenge, along with more mortgages, more debt, and speculative investments on Manhattan’s burgeoning Wall Street. As his family life begins to unravel, a day of reckoning nears. Soon Edward will have to confront a painful event from his boyhood—a secret buried deep inside that he has never told another living soul.

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5 september
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