The Cop and the Nanny (A Tentacles of Chaos Story‪)‬

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Detective James Arbuthnot is on the case again. One last interview to close out the file on Anna, the woman who disappeared, is now home again, and, of course, everything seems to be back to normal. The nanny. He just needs to talk to her. Get her side of the story. But it will be another interview gone wrong. Sexually explicit. You have been warned.

This short story describes Detective Arbuthnot's attempt to interview Aimee, the live-in caretaker for the children of Anna and Mark. The interaction with Aimee is odd and becomes odder. While the detective tries to maintain professional detachment, Aimee has something else in mind. This encounter – and much else – is also described in Being in Time, Bound in Space, the second book of The Tentacles of Chaos.

The story is graphic in nature. Adults only, please. All characters depicted in sexually explicit scenes are over 18 years old.

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In Being, Bondage, and Nothingness, the first book of The Tentacles of Chaos, we meet Anna and Mark, a successful, happily married couple with two daughters. Not all is as it seems. Anna has strange, erotic dreams, at least they appear to be dreams. Then Anna disappears leaving Mark to figure out how to move forward with his life and care for the children. And deal with the police. Mark is the only suspect the police consider in the case of Anna’s disappearance. Mark hires a young woman to help him with the girls. But she seems to have her own unusual interests. Anna may have undergone a transformation. Between pressure from the police and the attentions of the nanny, Mark is slipping into sensual escapism. Where did Anna go? What will happen to Mark and the children she left behind? And what is Aimee, the nanny, up to?

In Being in Time, Bound in Space (The Tentacles of Chaos – Book Two), the story of Anna, her family, and Aimee, the nanny, continues as Anna returns home from a lengthy captivity. She deals with the nanny who has seduced her husband and with the police who have many unanswered questions. Anna reconnects with Karen to try to understand their mutual experience of the Being. Anna works to uncover events in her past that might explain why the Being chose her. With the help of Dr. Erik Smithson, Anna comes to terms with the transformation she has undergone and begins to understand what to do with her new abilities.

Being – Beyond Good and Evil is the third book of The Tentacles of Chaos. The story of Anna, her family, Karen, and Detective Evelyn Ford concludes, for the present, as creatures of the mysterious Being attack people of this world through strange dreams. To protect her family and friends, Anna comes to terms with a decision she made. And she finds the link in her past that connects her with the Being and uses it to fight the alien creatures.

Karen’s Story – A Dream of Tentacles (A Tentacles of Chaos Story): In this short story, Karen tells her version of events leading up to and culminating in the dream experience of the alien creature, an experience she shares with Anna.

The Professor and the Sex Goddess (A Tentacles of Chaos Story). – A previously unpublished paper written by Dr. Erik Smithson after his first encounter with Anna, a Transformed Being. He calls her Alpha in the monograph to shield her identity. This meeting is also described in Being in Time, Bound in Space, the second book of The Tentacles of Chaos.

The Cop and the Secretary (A Tentacles of Chaos Story) – Detective Arbuthnot's interview with Karen, from his perspective.

Mark and the Nanny (A Tentacles of Chaos Story). Mark's world has been turned upside-down. His wife has disappeared. He is the only suspect the police focus on. He has hired a live-in nanny to take care of his daughters. What is the nanny up to? Is she the one who visits him at night? And if not the nanny, then who? Mark's story in his own words.

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31 maart
Xandra Fraser

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