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A master thief waited his whole life to acquire the most beautiful diamond in the world. When he heard it had been purchased, he spent three days trying to steal the rare jewel. He failed. Finally, the thief walked right up to the owner and asked, “How did you hide this precious jewel from me?”   To which the owner replied, “I placed it where I knew you would never look—in   your own pocket!” 

This insightful tale opens the first major book release from Gangaji—an American-born teacher who has influenced the lives of thousands of people through her public events. In her new book, The Diamond in Your Pocket, she describes our never-ending search as human beings to find fulfillment—which, paradoxically, already exists if only we will stop long enough to experience it. 

Readers join Gangaji to learn more about: 

-How to let go of your need to control, and activate instead the choice of where you put your mind’s attention

-Cultivating the courage to be vulnerable, so you can meet—and deeply merge with—the unknown

-How to unearth the roots of suffering, learn to stop replaying your life’s dramatic stories over and over, and much more

 “As long as you are searching for it, it cannot be found,” teaches Gangaji. Written as a series of short contemplations, The Diamond in Your Pocket shows you thought-by-thought how to stop the endless activity of your mind, and experience the brilliance and radiance of who you really are.

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