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In this doctor patient sex collection, Lydia Litt combines two short stories for one hot read!

Story #1: The Doctor's Virgin Cure - After saving herself for the right guy, 19-year old Kat is ready to lose her virginity. But when her boyfriend can't penetrate her tight, virgin hole, she goes to see a handsome and sexy gynecologist. After a very thorough and stimulating exam by Dr. Dickens and his naughty nurse, Kat finds herself strapped to the exam table and probed in ways she never imagined. Will she convince them to stop the procedure, or will she be forced to endure The Doctor's Virgin Cure?

Story #2: The Doctor's Lactation Cure - To pay her college tuition, 21-year old Megan Mathis gets a part-time job as a lactation surrogate. But when the hormones she's given to induce lactation don't produce any milk, she goes to see sexy gynecologist. To get Megan's engorged milk glands flowing, Dr. Dickens recommends a rough and invasive procedure that involves multiple orgasms and milking of her swollen breasts. Will her desperate finances force Megan to accept The Doctor's Lactation Cure?

WARNING: This 12,000 word doctor patient sex collection is for adults only! Explicit themes include domination and submission, patient bondage and humiliation, anal play, lactation sex, multiple orgasms, milking of a reluctant patient by a sexy doctor and his very hands-on nurse, a young woman's first gynecological exam and a virgin cure you'll never forget!

Fictie en literatuur
7 oktober
Uncommon Publishing Group

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