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Just go for it…

Westley Stone didn’t expect to survive being kidnapped and tortured by hunters, but he did, and only because a dragon literally dropped out of the sky to save him, and after waking up in the man’s house, he can’t help but feel grateful, and very attracted to his rescuer.

Chris Knucker has a thing against werewolves ever since his family was killed, but he’s willing to put old fears aside for the handsome man he’s just saved. The problem is that Westley seems a little shy to his advances, which makes sense when Chris discovers that Westley has to get married and produce a little of wolf pups for his pack.

That’s fine. Chris knows the other man won’t go through with it, so it’s just a matter of waiting him out, and since Chris is the pack hero for saving Westley’s life, he has all the access he needs to slowly wear down Westley’s defenses. When Westley does finally come to him, he reveals another reason why he held back, something that could make them both very happy if only Westley can put his trust in Chris.

Author's Note: This is a prequel to a longer, M/F dominant book titled The Legend of the Werewolf, to show how the two characters Westley and Chris met and fell in love. While there is a short resolution to the main character's immediate problem (i.e, they will decide to be together and fight for their HEA) the rest of their story will be told in its longer counterpart.

Romantische fictie
27 oktober
Mandy Rosko

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