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The mathematical genius Professor Abraham Simon had received an invitation from the Government to come down to Washington and explain his old age calculation that he had shown at a television show. He had some trouble with his wife, Ester, that wanted him to wear his Sundays best clothing's. He refused and when he could see the taxi, he said goodbye to his wife. I'll be home in two days, maybe three. Then he was out by the door. He had to wait sometime before the train arrived, so the professor decided to buy some coffee and a few cakes for the trip. When he sat down in the train, he had a compartment all for himself, and took out his coffee and put it on the small table by the window. When he lifted his cup, the door opened and another person entered the compartment. Professor Simon looked up and got a small chock. It was his assistant from the university Miss Sylvia North that came in and took the seat opposite the Professor. Miss North, what are you doing here? he asked. The government sent me a telegram, that I had to come down and check your calculations. Never seen anything so stupid, I have only one small degree, and that is not even in arithmetic. Had I known that you would be here Miss North I would have bought you some coffee too. That's alright Professor Simon. There is a van on the train that sells coffee and small meals. As we are on the train for five hours, should I buy you something as I pick up something for myself? Coffee, Tea, water or a cold beer? Maybe a beer would sit nicely, said the professor as Miss North went to get her own stuff. She came back with her own food and drinks, and a beer for the professor. My favorite brand, he said. How did you know? I have seen you with that brand before, she answered with a smile. During the hours they spoke about different subjects, then Sylvia mentioned that she had some trouble with her boyfriend, Fred Welsh. He puts his nose in everything I do, my friends, my clothes, who I'm seeing it is getting on my nerves. What can I do? That kind of control freaks is dangerous if you are having trouble now, when you are a boy, and girlfriends, it will be a catastrophe later in life. That kind of mental disorder is one of the most dangerous. When we arrive home again, I will be on your side when you tell this Fred Welsh to take a hike.
Arriving at the government, one of the members asked how he could be so sure that numbers are right? Well sir how much is two plus two, would you agree that the answer is four? My calculations are the same. A larger number, yes, but still the same. In seven years we will have a monetary catastrophe.
At the meeting that followed Professor Simon put out his calculation, and explained that we are too many elderly people. This is a worldwide situation, and something has to be done about it. Here Miss North added, as the medical field has made us live this long, could they, the medical field, stop people from becoming ninety and hundred years old. It was agreed that members of the medical field would have to be at the next meeting tomorrow.
When the two doctors, Doctor Claud, and Doctor Anderson, told the meeting that such a pill would be easy to manufacture. The question is how should the people get the pill? Miss North said that the government would give the pill, and the doctor visits for free, to every citizen eighty years of age and over. Could this pill be made so they would die between twelve and eighteen month? No problem whatsoever assured both doctors. This was the start of The Final Touch.

Detectives en thrillers
14 februari
Bo Widerberg

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