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There is a realm one can reach through magical means. A world called Wonderland, where time is not the same as our own, and fantastical creatures and romance awaits. When someone from another realm arrives there, they are called findlings…

…and they have two days to prove to Wonderland that they belong or they return home, where Wonderland remains a dream.

Or does it?

Journey to Wonderland in THE VANISHING, THE UNRAVELING, and THE ENCHANTING as findlings Cadence, Melody, and April follow their hearts to determine if love is in the cards. But when a Wonderland Knight named Gareth, the Hatter, and Harold March fall in love, no other will ever do.

Now collected into one volume, THE FINDLINGS, fall down the rabbit hole once more with these Wonderland adventures. This volume includes an exclusive Afterward by Devrel—the last of the Cheshire cats.

Romantische fictie
30 maart
Rebekah Lewis

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