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Katrina's friend gets a password to an underground nightclub that is considered legendary for its parties. It is only open on Wiccan holidays. The two girls find themselves in a club packed with supernatural beings, and humans that they have lured there. It is overseen by a Wiccan priestess, who is sitting on a dais with the king of werewolves. The king, struck by Katrina's beauty, comes down and talks to her. She responds with sass, not knowing his importance. 

The club is attacked by a vampire coven, and the king rescues Katrina. He brings her to the werewolves' lair. He cannot let her go, since she will be targeted by the vampires. 

The king tells her his life story, and finding herself attracted, Katrina ends up sleeping with the king. The next day, he is gone. She goes looking for him, getting help from another wolf. 

She joins in the battle, and he is upset that she is there. He is overruled, and when she is kidnapped by a vampire, he goes after them. She rescues herself, and he arrives in time to take her home. When Katrina wakes up the next day, he is gone. 

Heartbroken, she finds out that she is pregnant. Determined to find him, she locates the underground club, even though it takes her several months to do so. When he sees her, they reunite. 

**Complete short story, no cliffhangers.**

Romantische fictie
8 november
Jessica Miller

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