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In the dreary little town of Wattville three orphans are reunited. Apart from preparing for an upcoming athletic tour, dodging the town bullies, running for their lives from a vicious dog and battling filthy muggers, Logan, Huck and Zoey have pretty uneventful lives. You know, doing what any twelve year old does.
Their plans change when they receive a mysterious parcel containing three stones.
Three stones which mysteriously glow when the children are in need of help.
The stones aren’t the only mysterious thing that’s new in their lives. A man starts to follow them, or so they think, they are never quite sure.
Their doubt change when he chases them down a scary alley and their lives are altered forever.
When they are threatened light explodes from the stones in their hands, engulfing them in protective flames, also marking them forever.
The sinister man turns out to be a friend from a different land and they have to go with him, follow him blindly. Evil forces have made the children the subject of their quarry and this stranger named Arros, is their only chance.
Azania has awaited their return for ten years, but the children do not know why. Once Azanians see the marks the stones left on them, they are treated with the highest regard.
In time they realise that Arros is the king of a forgotten people called the Aroua. He needs their help to restore Azania to the land it was before the Caleed (the Keepers) were murdered. They are shocked to learn that the Caleed were their parents. But that shock in nothing when they realise they are to become the new Caleed.
They will gain powers to help them in their task of returning the balance to Azania.
First they have to overcome several obstacles: from learning about their own powers, to facing an army, and having to conquer their own fears.
When they finally do banish their enemies to Rylon they can return to the place their parents called home, Capria. The place that will become their home, the home of the Caleed, the Keepers of Capria.

September 8
Harry B Botha