The Interstellar Psychologist in Action A Teeny UFO Short Story

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Who can know or that has no history of the UFO up in the hand? Have you? Here, the UFO dances into something that remembers a psychological character. If we have some force to look in overlap with what is in this history, like changing words position, given sense in different synonyms or trying to imagine this or other situation, I think that someone could encounter a response or maybe create another.
When I was born I just had history about UFO's and fantastic cases that never were in all revealed. The people made jokes about existence on another planet, still more that can visit us or either live in us. I had one and other experience, I saw what can be an UFO, but all idea today concern for another that is treat of fantasies or great imagination changed in reasonable achievement of a creative thinking.
However, here is a story/history that concerns a vision, about losing and gaining, that's not about to be won, it is only an aspect of the perception.
In fact I constructed the text to deconstruct it, for otherwise I left some fragments about an intention.
What follows a possible tram, like a track are this involved relation with UFO, if exist or not, if is proof that this or those what can trigger or filed this structure is for a side the possibility, for the other a morality from life in family.
Affairs, loves, hopeless and wait a consecration of an existential moral sense. The community or relations of friendship and construction of well fair.
If I try to say what can be or not here, I think that this text, in certain measures, will be bigger than the small text that I wrote.
The life need of contradictions, and I did it, I create a story/history that would be different, like an end with complete sense or a start with conceptual intend, this thing, I did not it, I create what someone can to say, a conjunctive of possibilities.
Tell everyone your UFO story.

Sciencefiction en fantasy
30 oktober
Pedro Moreira Nt

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