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A SWAT team is only as good as its weakest link. The Listener works hard to make sure that no link breaks. She's constantly watching the team, testing to see if anyone's getting too close to the edge. But she can't do much when her help is refused.

Dr. Maria Worley is the Listener.

Maria's latest case is the hardest she's ever had. In her experience, no patient has walked closer to the edge than Ryan Lukas. Worse, he's convinced himself that he's just fine. And to make things even more complicated, Maria–and her teenage son–need Ryan as much as he needs them.

The Listener is about to learn that helping others is easier than helping yourself.

The Guardians: This time the good guys wear black

About the author

Born and reared in Texas, Kay David has lived all over the world from the Middle East to South America. Drawing frequently on these exotic locations for her books, Kay sees the setting of a story as another "character" in the complex romances she writes for Harlequin Superromance. "I like my readers to feel as if they've visited a place they've never been after they read one of my Supers," she says. "The characters and their love story should be reflected in every aspect of the book. Sometimes I use a foreign setting and/or suspense to heighten those details." A graduate of the University of Houston, Kay has undergraduate degrees in both English (B.A.) and the Management of Information Sciences (MIS- B.A.). She also holds a master's degree in Behavioral Science (M.A.). She has worked at NASA, designed and built homes, and has even owned her own jewelry company, but her true love is writing and it has been since her high school days. "I'm thrilled to be writing Harlequin Superromances," she says. "In my opinion, these books offer a complex story that has a real depth of emotion, or layers, if you will. The issues are out-of- the-headlines current but still give the readers what they want the most–true love stories with happy endings." Along with her husband of twenty-seven years, Pieter, and their globe-trotting, twenty-pound cat, Leroy, Ms. David divides her time between the Texas Gulf coast and the Hill Country.

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1 november
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