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The New York Times bestseller Lost Fleet series continues as Admiral ‘Black Jack’ Geary returns to Unity to save the Alliance.

Black Jack returns to Unity, the seat of the Alliance government, having destroyed the black fleet of AI-controlled craft at Unity Alternate. Aboard the Dauntless, captained by his wife Tanya Desjani, he brings evidence of crimes which could destroy the Alliance’s government.

His arrival ignites a furious Senate trial, and Black Jack must chart political dangers to ensure the guilty are brought to justice, without becoming judge and jury himself. But forces lurk in the shadows, working against him and striking at any moment.

Unsure of who he can trust – who serves the Alliance with the same sense of duty as him – Black Jack must accept new orders and prepare the fleet for a new and dangerous mission, all the while evading forces that would see him dead. This mission will take him on a journey into his past and beyond the safety of Alliance space once more, because Black Jack knows better than anyone, doing what is right is never the easy path.

Sciencefiction en fantasy
15 juni
Titan Books

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