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Discover How The Low FODMAP Acid Reflux Diet Can Return Your Body To A Balanced pH, Provide Fast Relief To IBS, Digestive Disorders, And Give You The Boost You Need Today!

Do you suffer from digestive troubles that disrupt your daily life? Are you aware of the symptoms of IBS and the damage that it is doing to your body? 

What If I Told You There Was A Way That You Can Take Back Control of Your Condition Just By Simply Following The Low FODMAP and Acid Reflux Diet As A Way of Life?

In This Book You Will Learn...

The Benefits of a High-Fibre Diet For Controlling Reflux Symptoms

What Irritable Bowel Syndrome Really Is

The Ways Your Daily Habits Are Causing an Acid-Forming Diet 

Tips and Secrets To This Powerhouse Diet

Low Fodmap Diet For Vegans and Vegetarians

Effective Ways To Reduce Inflammation & Balance Microbiome

How To Introduce A High Fiber, Low Sugar, and Portion Control To Your Meals

How To Lose Weight In The Process While Decreasing Bloating

Amazing and Delicious Recipes To Die For In Every Meal 


Steps To Get A Clearer Skin, Reduce Risks of Cancer, and Oxidative Stress

Strategies To Help You Stay Committed And Stick To Your Diet

Creating An Acid-Alkaline Diet

Which Exercises To Avoid and Which To Implement Itno Your Daily Routine

Detailed 30-Day Recovery Plan

Delicious and Mouth-Watering Alkaline Meal Ideas

The Role of Fibre, Prebiotics and Probiotic

A Low Fodmap Diet Meal Plan For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

How To Eliminate The High FODMAP Foods From Your Diet

Strategies To Set You Up For Success 

How To Maintain and Become A Healthier Version of You

How Graves' Disease Affects The Thyroid Gland Negatively 

What Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism Is

Learn How The Autoimmune Disorder Hashimoto's Disease Causes Damage 

A Comprehensive Plan For Diet and Exercise To Improve Your Health

How To Find Out Your Own Food Intolerances

And so Much more…  

Let's Get You To Your Goals ASAP!

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To Your Success!

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24 februari
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