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Amelia Stone

Reality. This is my new reality. I am no longer in a dream. I am no longer drowning in the illusion of love. Lorenzo has shown me his true face and I am scarred for life. 

Nikolas Lorenzo, the billionaire of Lorenzo Corp and mafia boss of Lorenzo clan. He used to be my lover, the man I once trust, but with the truth now revealed, I saw the real man behind those mesmerizing heterochromia eyes. He is nothing but a despicable man who had manipulated me for his own vengeance, because he claims I was the woman behind his brother’s accident. Our relationship is volatile and erotic. He tells me I am nothing but his possession, yet when he kisses me, I can sense those words were lies, spoken to curb the hurt inside him. I should hate him, just as much as he hates me. But why does my heart ache when it’s time for me to leave? Will I forever be wrapped in the beautiful lie he created, or can I break free from this morph reality?

Nikolas Lorenzo

Truth. What is the truth when everything is wrapped in lies?

Amelia Stone. She’s no longer his lover but the culprit behind his brother’s accident. It’s time for him to wake up from this illusion. But every time he looks into her amber eyes, he can’t help but see their beautiful memories flashing before him. He keeps telling himself that he hates her, and he should stay away from her, but it’s harder said than done. He needs Amelia like a man needs air to breathe. When it’s time for her to leave, he knows it’s already too late to confess the truth. How can he convince her to stay? Will it really be too late to tell her he loves her, or will his elaborate plan of keeping her close to him only digs him deeper into this swamp of beautiful lies he created for himself?

The Mafia and His Maiden: Beautiful Lies is the third book in The Mafia and His Maiden series. Heartrending, angsty, and filled to the brim with sensual smut scenes, this third book completes the third arc of the series. Beautiful Lies will see the return of Jenny and Giovanni, from Maid to the Mafia series. This book runs parallel to Maid to the Mafia: Totally Devoted, told from Amelia and Lorenzo’s point of view.

Romantische fictie
8 januari
Wanitta Praks Media

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