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The most detailed and specific "predictive" book about the future.

Is this book for you? Look about you -- if the world you see seems sane, normal and comfortable, then probably not. But if the world you see seems chaotic, unpredictable, and just a little bit dangerous, then - for the benefit of yourself and your family - you need to understand how the era we are now in "fits" within the long-term evolution of life on Earth. You need to understand the extreme high probability of seeing major ‘Earth changes’ in your own lifetime, and how to prepare for them.

This book was written using information gained from the Akashic Records via Dr Cottrell's "Quantum Meditation" --  a meditative phenomenon in which the ego personality is suppressed and contact is made with the Higher Mind or God-Mind. The result is astonishing, specific, and detailed information about how each major geographic area on the planet is likely to be affected in the years ahead. One reviewer called this book "the ultimate insurance policy" -- know what is coming, and know what to do about it!

This book also includes an extended discourse on the Law of One - an ancient spiritual understanding that all of us are connected to one another on the deepest spiritual level. Find out how to live in harmony by applying compassion in your everyday life. This is the real spiritual lesson for these fearful times.

Learn what you can do to help bring in a new era in the planet and become a co-creator in the new Earth!

Gezondheid, lichaam en geest
21 januari
Many Mansions Press

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