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The Painted Cowboy

What would you do if you came face to face with your deceased spouse or at least the look alike?

Anna Summersby is a twenty-nine- year-old inspiring Chef. Her dream is to own her own bakery. She decides to move to Texas where her cousins all grew up on the family ranch. Next to the family owned diner is a vacant building where all her dreams can come true. All but finding a man to truly love her.

Luke Foster is forty-one years old and working on the famous Summersby Ranch. He grew up in Oklahoma and move to Texas to escape his past. He lost part of his memory in an accident that killed his wife and he is determined to leave it where it is buried, in a grave in Oklahoma. That is until the day an Angel or a ghost walks into his life.

When Anna first meets Luke he treats her like a child and they start off arguing. To her, he is nothing but an obnoxious, sexy cowboy. To him, she is a reminder of things he wants to forget. Neither wants to admit there is an undeniable attraction between them.

That is until they begin working together on remolding her bakery and discover that there is more to their relationship than either had realized. Their age difference plus his past makes things uncomfortable for him. Luke must decide if his future with Anna is more important than keeping the demons of his past dead and buried or if he should face them once and for all.

Romantische fictie
27 juni
Sandra Wells

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