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Young professor Ainsley Shaner has a new job at a new university and a secret past she must hide. But when she confronts two star football players about their cheating, they turn the tables on her and reveal that they know all about her sordid, steamy history. In order to protect her secret, she’ll have to strip bare and submit to the two demanding college studs. Will she be able to give the boys everything they demand? And when her sexy past catches up with her, will she ever want to stop?


When Brad tossed the pictures onto my desk with a shit-eating grin, it took me a moment to realize what they were: photos of me, from years ago, at a sex club.

“What? Where-?” I stammered. My fury evaporated in an instant, replaced with mounting panic. I snatched up the pile and leafed through them. Brad and Danny stifled laughter, but gave me time to let it all sink in. They were low quality printouts from some website, and my hair was a different color and length now than it was when these were taken, but the woman was definitely me.

When I was in grad school, I was far more wild, and my then boyfriend and I went to a local sex club a couple times. They had a strict no camera policy, but obviously someone broke the rules. The top picture, while the most innocent of the bunch, was still plenty incriminating; it was of me, wearing a tight corset and a skirt so short it didn’t even hide my lacy panties, dancing between two men who had their hands all over me. They progressed from there, with me wearing less and less, and doing more and more. In the last one, I was wearing nothing but a collar and a leash, blowing my boyfriend while a stranger held the leash and took me from behind, thrusting his glistening cock deep into my pussy.

Despite my panic at learning these photos were floating out in public somewhere, I was surprised at how turned on I was. These nights in the club were incredibly exciting, but I left that part of my life behind me when I moved out here for this job. As I looked at the pictures, however, my pussy grew damp and my nipples hardened, aching against my suddenly constricting bra. By the time I got to the last picture, my heart was pounding, and I could feel a wet spot forming on the front of my panties. I shifted my legs, rubbing the damp cotton against my clit, and it took everything I had to not moan a little.

I laughed, trying to project confidence, but it was a hollow sound. “First cheating, now this? You’re just digging your hole deeper.”

Brad stifled a laugh, then cleared his throat and adopted an air of solemnity. God, I want to punch him, but I’d probably break my hand on that clean-shaven granite chin of his. He wouldn’t even feel it.

“You’re totally right, professor. We’ll just go down to Professor Slaninksi’s office and tell him everything.” He reached out for the photos on the desk and began to rise out of his chair, but my hand shot out, pinning the filthy evidence to the hard wood.

“No!” I cried out, panic bubbling to the surface again. Visions of the dour department head’s stern face flashed through my mind, followed by visions of an immediate termination and a long and fruitless job search on the other side of the country.

Swallowing hard, I continued. “So, you’re going to offer me a deal, right? I give you two boys ‘A’s, and you give me the pictures and pretend you never saw them. Is that it?” I sighed in defeat; letting them get away with this galled me, but no one could ever know about this.

Brad laughed and leaned forward. “Close, Ainsley - I can call you Ainsley, right? We don’t just want ‘A’s, we want your ‘A’. His large hand crept forward across my desk and wrapped around my wrist as I blinked in surprise. I tried to jerk back, to stand up and move away, but his calloused fingers were too strong, and I couldn’t escape. However, even as my mind screamed and railed, my pussy flooded at his touch, and I nearly moaned.

Fictie en literatuur
26 december
Justine Snowe

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