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Chronological Translation

God is the author of the Quran. This translation is in the Chronological Sequence of Revelation. It provides another dimension to its understanding by following the Sura's - Chapters and Ayah - Verses in their revealed sequence. The reader can obtain a similar experience of its knowledge.

Each Arabic word in the Quran is translated consistently by studying the meanings of the root words. The root words are almost always three specific letters within the word.
The translated words are kept in the same sequence as the Arabic words as much as possible. This method eliminates the translator's bias and leaves the meaning more open for interpretation by the reader. The drawback is that sentences lack contemporary structure. The reader can rearrange the sentence on their own.
Every Verse of the Quran in itself is also a “sign” since the scripture is digitally structured. It can reflect its meanings on its own and in context.
The Quran states;
- that it is guidance, fully detailed, explains itself, and leaves nothing out,
- that The Almighty Teaches the Quran. Therefore, there are self-explanatory notes,
- that nobody can touch it except the pure. To receive teaching from The Almighty, a pure or sincere heart towards it is necessary,
- that it is Glorious. It means that it will continue to provide us new information. Therefore, it is a living scripture,
- it is the Final Testament from God. The Final Prophet, Muhammad, has delivered all the prophecies from God. It confirms the "downloaded" parts of previous scriptures,
- that it is protected. It is due to its inherent digital structure that preserves each letter. The Arabic letters also have a specific digital value,
- that it has completed the religion,
- that it is the Best Hadith and asserts that which Hadith other than this will they believe?

The Quran - the message, states that it is also among the messengers. It is the downloaded messenger. It is a scripture that addresses the reader directly.
The Quran challenges that even if all the humans and jinns banded together, they could not produce a quran like this.
Note: The more accurate translation of the word Allah is The God. I want to urge the reader to keep this in mind.
Each verse is deliberately translated on a separate page so that the reader can pause, think, study the root words, take notes and interpret verses stand-alone and in context.
The Quran is digitally structured. The mathematical miracle of the Quran preserves each letter's integrity, word, verse, number of verses, and the sequence of revelation. A digital value (dv) is assigned to each Arabic letter, as shown in the table.

The methodology used to identify each verse in this translation is by the conventional, customary, or scriptural chapter number, followed by the chapter's revealed sequence in (parenthesis); verse number; dv of the verse; the word; and the letter count. The verse number appears in the digital information on the footer of the page.
Each chapter is then digitally written, followed by its dv, word count (W), and letter count (L).
The digital proofs are presented with acknowledgment of the author and the date if available.

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16 februari
Mahmoud Ahmed