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Slave. Consort. Rebel.

Kia has been all three since the day the empire’s space fleet appeared in the skies over Emankora. Yet from slaving in the asteroid mines to becoming the consort of Prince Rial, the heir to the Nadil-Kuradi Empire, she has never forgotten her desire to avenge the deaths of her family and gain her freedom.

The Saoirse Saga Box Set contains all three episodes in this riveting saga.
Stars & Ashes
Awakening Defiance
Madaxa’s Heir

If you’re looking for a gripping read with a stubborn heroine who doesn’t know the meaning of giving up, buy the riveting Saoirse Saga today!

"It’s adventure and thrills, palace intrigue and politics at the highest intergalactic level, and, most importantly, freaking amazing twists and turns that give you mental whiplash and superbly complex yet real lead and supporting characters."

"Ms. Kearney sure knows how to write and keep you interested. Even if I don’t know the ins and outs of space travel, or how things work on a different world, you can live it through the book! The descriptions are creative enough and precise enough for you to know which planet they are at and what makes it unique. The painting of the ice on Chisanu, especially the first time Kia sees it, shows what a beautiful artist resides in Ms. Kearney. It's just amazing the distinctions she brings to each.

"WOW!!!! I love reading this series it just keeps getting better as it goes along."

Sciencefiction en fantasy
8 oktober
Teagan Kearney

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