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The Seer Trilogy eBook Bundle: Three complete full-length fantasy stories by multi-award-winning author Maree Anderson. Bundle includes: Seer’s Hope (Book 1: Hope’s story), Seer’s Promise (Book 2: Romana’s story), and Seer’s Choice (Book 3: Ryley’s story).

Seer’s Hope (Book One of The Seer Trilogy):
A young blind woman is snatched and transported to a primitive world of magic and capricious gods where she’s transformed into a Seer; a golden-eyed being with awe-inspiring powers. Now all she has to do is learn to wield them. And if she’s to save those she loves from the horrifying evil that lurks in the darkness, failure is not an option.

Seer’s Promise (Book Two of The Seer Trilogy):
Romana is desperate to become a powerful Seer like her mother, but her dreams are shattered when the power she craves is given to someone who couldn’t care less about wielding Sehani magic. When she finds a way to steal what she craves, the cost is devastating for gods and humankind alike.

Seer’s Choice (Book Three of The Seer Trilogy):
Ryley has discovered his soul mate living in the Earth town of Seaview, his mother’s hometown. Interfering in Rowan’s destiny will bring the wrath of the gods down on him, but he can’t stop now that her strange powers have spun dangerously out of control. And when Dayamaria is threatened by a deadly predator immune to magic, he must choose between the woman he loves and the people he left behind.

Sciencefiction en fantasy
31 maart
Maree Anderson

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