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After Lady Mathom gives her beautiful slave, Rebecca, to Robin, she commands him to take her away for a few days vacation at Bolswick Bay. There, at the beautiful seaside village, the young lord of Mathom Hall must learn to be master to his new possession. In this he is aided by the mysterious lady of the Line of the Goddess, Eugene, who will teach him mastery over Rebecca. She will have Rebecca photographed, in shameful exhibition on the beach, have her make love to newly wed young woman, Alice, before his and the girl's husband's eyes and, for his pleasure, teach Robin to whip her, in an unforgettable night in a little cottage on the cliff tops.

It is not merely through Eugene's tutelage or Rebecca's submission that Robin earns his mastery however. On the Mermaid Rocks of Bolswick Bay they must pass through mortal peril before Robin can truly claim Rebecca as his own and, while it is Robin's mastery that is apparently ascendant, it is ultimately Rebecca who pulls the strings and she upon whom the greatest responsibility must fall. Even as she surrenders herself in slavery to Robin, Rebecca is called upon to a greater servitude yet, for Eugene is not all that she seems and she is determined to shackle Rebecca for her own ends and those of the Line itself.

The fourth episode in the fantasy Order of the Amethyst saga is the story of Rebecca on the seashore and a kaleidoscopic explosion of cruel sexuality, uninhibited passion and dark excitement interwoven with the secrets of the acolytes of the Goddess.

Fictie en literatuur
16 december

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