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Stock Market Guide Reveals Basic Workings of the Market and How to Invest

The Stock Market Today, a new book by Greg Mason, covers the basics of how the stock market works and what to avoid before investing in it.

The Stock Market Today – How the Stock Market Works and The Basic Pitfalls to Avoid, by Greg Mason, has been released, giving readers insight needed to understand the market before risking an investment. It opens with a chapter asking the reader if they are investing for growth or income. A window is thus opened into the mindset of the investor prior to their jump into the market.

The second chapter covers how to find a strategy for stock market investing, which is followed by a chapter on how the market actually works. A synopsis on analyzing the stock market is next, and then readers get information on how to choose a broker, how to find the right mix for their stock portfolio, and how to research a company. Since so much of successful investing is about timing, the book also provides a chapter on knowing the right time to buy stock, and the right time to sell it.

Going on to talk about how to spot trends in the market, the book also assists readers in identifying their risk tolerance for investing. Getting a sense of how much risk one can take on, however, is just the beginning. Stock market industries are covered next, and then chapters on signs stocks have reached bottom or have hit their peak. Several tips on reading stock charts are provided next, contributing to the plethora of information intended to make readers aware of the stock market’s basic functions.

Additional chapters talk about bull and bear markets, indexes, the risks of stock investing, and the benefits of market cap to an investor. Readers then get an idea of what exactly their role is as a stockholder. While most people invest to gain something, the book also reveals why it can be a smart move to take a loss in the stock market. There is also information on who is best to turn to for advice.

After learning much about the market and why companies sell stock, readers also get a chapter on how important it is to not mix emotions with investing. The book then ends on a chapter about the benefits of a mutual fund. The Stock Market Today – How the Stock Market Works and The Basic Pitfalls to Avoid is available now to anyone wishing to start investing wisely.

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12 februari
Greg Mason

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