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The Student is a memoir and self awareness book. In The Student, Özlem is shedding light on her inner journey of getting to know herself. It explores the human heart and mind. The Student will take you to different parts of the world, such as Japan, where Özlem learned about kindness; to Denmark where she harshly faced her own judgements; to Istanbul which is a city she admires; to the airplane where she created panic attacks; and to her childhood which was spent in the Netherlands. This book will take you on a fascinating journey into the inner world and to things that you may have never admitted to yourself. It will make you unravel the debates of who you are. This book is not a handbook about how you should live your life, but a travel guide through a lived life. While society is constantly presenting us with choices, you might find yourself searching for vital answers. The Student, with its universal topics on Fear, Distrust, Judgement, Kindness, and Peace may resonate if you have ever wondered who you are and want to know what it means to face yourself, your darkness and light at the same time. By the time you finish reading, you may have discovered new and deeper layers within yourself. In a society where we are afraid to show our true selves and try to be like someone who is anything but ourselves, The Student shows what it can look like to break free and be your true self.

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30 september
Özlem Özkan


Oktay Ozkan ,

Very inspiring

Very, very inspiring read, written from the heart and beautiful storytelling. A must-read.

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