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Welcome and thank you for visiting The Ultimate Ghillie Suit Construction Guide ebook.

This ebook is a photo rich guide for beginners to advanced people looking to build a ghillie suit. This ebook has no filler information about the history of camouflage or other nonsense.

This ebook is about getting you building a ghillie suit or to introduce some new skills for those who have constructed a ghillie suit in the past. This ebook contains the most important information that you need to start building confidently. I cover everything from the tools that you need, the equipment and materials required and the basic technique I use to stitch. I organized the information in this ebook, in a specific and purposeful order that will increase your efficiency and cut out the waste of both your time and money. 

I also cover how to create a ghillie suit for the minimalist who needs to get up and running quickly while also showing all of the tried and tested options that I have practically used in my ghillie suits. These features are often overlooked, yet extremely critical for creating a long and durable ghillie suit that you can spend endless hours in. I am only recommending the best features in this ebook. I also keep in mind ways to save money and create the ghillie suit on a budget.

I also discuss one of the most important phases of building a ghillie suit, the design phase. This is a critical yet overlooked task that takes just a few minutes, but again will save you time, money and a lot of frustration. I also provide a link to a tool that will help you design your very own, specific ghillie suit to meet your own needs. 

Lastly, this ebook has been designed with Apple’s iBooks Author and optimized for the iBooks Store and iPad. The ebook photos are in color rich and used not as filler, but each photo or image gallery is used for a specific reason and with purpose.

This book is great for anyone wishing to conceal their physical body and equipment from plain sight using the ghillie suit’s natural ability to camouflage. A ghillie suit does this because it breaks up your pattern and blends it into the surrounding, multi-dimensionally. This book is not for you if you want to learn the history of camouflage, learn where the ghillie suit was derived or theories for proper stalking techniques. This ebook is going to get you to build a ghillie suit that is awesome!

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