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There are undoubtedly close relations between the Abrahamic religions, where Christianity is recognized as an extension of Judaism, just as Islam recognizes as an extension of both, and that the Prophet Muhammad is the last of the prophets and messengers. The question is: What was before Judaism? Zecharia Sitchin answered this question and explained the extent of similarity between what mentioned by Judaism and what was discovered in the Sumerian land of the landing of human-like creatures on the surface of the earth, called the Anunnaki, and their development of the first human being on the earth at that time, which led to the creation of the current man. However, no one mentioned the extent of the relationship between the Anunnaki and the last Abrahamic religions, which is Islam.
The Anunnaki explained how the universe originated in the scripts of Mesopotamia. The texts described the creation of our solar system, stage after stage, then the emergence of a reckless planet from outer space (called Nibiru or Marduk) that was gradually drawn into our solar system, which led to a collision between it and an ancient member of the sun family (Tiamat). The ensuing celestial battle between the invader - "Marduk" - and the ancient planet - destroyed Tiamat. Half of it was cut into pieces and became a hammered bracelet; the other half turned into a new orbit and became the current planet Earth, with which the moon was attracted. The invader took off in space, despite being drawn to the center of our solar system and was slowed down by the collision, and it now represents the twelfth member of our solar system. It is clear how this changed our sky, and gave our solar system its present form, created the Earth and everything on it. That included the human race.
According to the original Sumerian texts, it was Nibiru, who came from another part of the universe, who brought the "seed of life" and transported it to Earth during the collision. And life continued on Earth, and proceeded in a continued evolution until the Anunnaki invaded the planet, and they needed to accelerate the development of the beings on Earth at that time, which was the primary human (homo erectus). This book discusses the extent of congruence, symmetry and harmony between what Islam said and what was reported by the Anunnaki, who came from space, and their system, civilization and development, and how it affected the events and stories narrated by Islam.

22 juni

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