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Two men, one student, an unusual curriculum... and hearts are on the line.

Eager to learn more about herself and embrace her submissive fantasies, Jessica enrolls at The Venus School with every intent of excelling at the pleasure-centered program. But when she discovers just how attracted she is to her instructors, her dedication to expanding her horizons wavers. Fortunately, both Justin and Chris consider Jessica a star student and teacher's pet, and each of them seems intent on winning her for himself. 

When Jessica unexpectedly falls for both men, she decides to ace their Menage A Trois course. But will she be forced to choose between them when it's finally time to graduate?

Editor's note:  Venus School is a high-heat romantic adventure that contains elements of MF, MFM, and FF. It's the first installment of the Venus Rising series and is intended to be read and enjoyed first. Proceed with caution (or excitement)! 

Fictie en literatuur
21 augustus
Golden Angel


Cecile smits ,

Where do i sign up for this school?

If only i had a school like The Venus School of Sex when i was younger.....
I would’ve loved exploring my needs,my desires for all they teach there!

Knowing this is only the first part,knowing Jessica is introduced to it all by men she knows....
.....and knowing they hide behind an alias and a mask as they have their wicked way with her....
I can’t wait to hear what Chris and Justin will have to do to make her see how much they love her.
How much they want her to be part of their menage a troi.

I enjoyed the introduction to this special school,a lot!
And i wíll be taking the follow-up classes,thank you!

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