The Visitor's Wedding

Friendly Ménage Tales

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Jessie, Kirsten, and Danielle are sisters-in-law, but they couldn't be more different
Except for the way in which they're the same

After Danielle and Jessie's brother Andy marries Lea — and Kirsten's brother Sean — each woman discovers that her dream of a friendly ménage might actually be within reach.
And that three in a marriage is definitely allowed!
This wild series of sequels to The Visitor Comes for Good can be read on its own or as part of The Visitor Saga.
The Visitor's Wedding:

• Goddess (MFM interracial ménage)

• Handmaiden (FFM, FFF interracial bisexual ménage)

• Priestess (MFM ménage, voyeurism, polyamory, hotwife)


As they walked the two blocks to the hotel, Robby lent Danielle his jacket. Peering at Tony, he said, “Your car okay?”
“Sure,” Tony said with a smile. “It’s locked up back where the wedding was. Who’d steal a cop car parked in front of a firehouse?”
“Good point.”
Danielle held out her elbows and the two men slipped their arms through.
“How you feeling, baby?” Robby asked.
“Scared s___less.”
Robby gave a huff. “Me too.”
“That makes three of us,” Tony added after a moment.
Danielle thought about what Lea had said — about trust. And about what you want. She stopped walking. “So do you want to know what I’m scared of?”
They both nodded, their eyes on her.
“I’m scared that this will blow up. I’m scared that tomorrow, one or both of y’all is going to feel angry or hurt or both, and then all the fun won’t be worth it. I’m scared that this will take our family, Robby, and mess it up. I’m scared I’m going to drop my dress, Tony, and you’re gonna run screaming out of the room.” She glanced to either side. Both men were staring at her, mouths set. “I’m scared, Robby, honey, that watching me with Tony won’t be as fun for you as the fantasy.”
“Yeah,” Robby grunted. “All of that. But I can see in our friend Tony’s eyes, Dany-baby, that he ain’t gonna be running out of the room.”
Tony, face pale, shook his head. “F__ no. Danielle. Ma’am.”
Robby gave a staccato laugh. “Anyways, Dany, whatever happens, I won’t let it get in the way of you and me and Robby, Junior. Okay?”
She nodded and gave him the best smile she could manage, then turned to Tony. “So, officer, what are you scared of?”
“You have a kid?”
The breeze kicked up, getting under Robby’s jacket and the hem of her dress. “Uh-huh.”
“I’ve always… Um… I don’t want to cause…” He looked away. “I’m just… scared.”
“You have a thing for older women when you were a boy?” Robby asked, which wasn’t something that had occurred to Danielle.
Tony nodded. Looking miserable.
Danielle took a deep breath. “Well, gentlemen, if being married to a vet has taught me anything, it’s that courage ain’t about not being scared, it’s about what you do with it.”
Robby nodded grimly; Tony joined him.
“So, Tony,” said Danielle, feeling her throat fill with something thick and cool, “I’d like to kiss you. Right now. And then maybe we can see how we all feel about where we want to go from there.”
Robby gave a quick gasp, then nodded once, sharply.
“Okay,” mouthed Tony, turning fully to her.
She slid her arms around him, and after a moment’s hesitation, felt him pull her to him. Leaning in, she pressed her lips to his.
It had been over a decade since she had last kissed anyone but Robby...

Romantische fictie
24 februari

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