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The European Union is one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken. Why is Europe so important, and at the same time, why is no one really interested in it?

Dutch writer Mark Schalekamp set out to find answers to these and other questions and travelled to all 28 of the European Union’s member states to interview eight people in each capital city: a doctor, a police officer, a hairdresser, an entrepreneur, an artist, an immigrant, a sex worker and a local celebrity. What is Europe? Who feels like a European? What do people think of their own country and its relationship with Europe? How do we differ from one another, what are the similarities, and what makes us unique? 

Schalekamp’s colourful, humorous account of his journey provides an open view of Europe seen not from a political point of view, but through the eyes of an inquisitive European. It is the story of the people’s Europe.


Mark Schalekamp’s (The Netherlands, 1968) debut in 1997 was the publication of the poem Voetbal & Meisjes in the magazine Hard Gras, followed by De Rebellenclub (Thomas Rap, 2000), a collection of short stories.

He subsequently founded the company Robin Good, a pioneer in the area of socially responsible entrepreneurship. After selling his company Schalekamp became a full-time writer and journalist.
The Parvenu (Arbeiderspers, 2011) was his first novel. In the Netherlands it was a great success, reaching best-sellerstatus in half a year, film rights being purchased by Eyeworks, the Netherlands' leading film producers.

His second book, non-fiction, is about creating your ideal work: Make Work of Your Dream (Business Contact, 2013).

Youropeans! is his latest project.

Schalekamp’s company, books and projects have drawn quite a lot of media attention, in the Netherlands and abroad, on TV, radio and in printed media. Schalekamp also writes for several Dutch magazines and newspapers: from columns and opinion pieces to travel stories and interviews.

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Dudegggg ,

Funny & honest!

What a wonderfully honest book! A feast of recognition in addition. I already got a big smile on the first page and it did not disappear until the end. Schalekamp begins with his ambition: "I wanted to show that Europe is one big happy family", to then make a story full of self-mockery and serious double checks that is not only highly entertaining but also fascinatingly nuanced.

He lets you enjoy wondering about so many differences and similarities in the 28X8 people, and draw the sober conclusion that we are actually all people. The first half of the book allowed me to laugh at such wonderful humanity at both Youropeans and Schalekamp itself (as in the case of the police officer who takes into account the constellations in her judgment "I do not tell you that I am Scorpio: because I'm not, I have sometimes read ").
In the second half he goes into the depths: what does all this mean and why do politicians have such a problem with working together, while Europeans really want that. Also that in itself serious analysis is again interspersed with the humor that makes this book so nice to read, for example when he with Van Rompuy (Anderlecht fan) considers that real European football would be a catalyst of a European identity, or a European team at the Olympics, which by far would win the most medals. Please translate this book for all 502 million Europeans!

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