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Want to make healthy living a habit – something you do without even thinking? Tom’s Daily Goals can show you how. It’s easier than you think.

‘Tom can do no wrong.’
The Irish Independent

World Number 1 diver, Tom Daley, has trained for major sporting events, had health problems, and come back from personal trauma and bad performances.

Now, after years of trial and error, Tom knows that the only thing that truly works when it comes to maintaining your health, wellbeing and energy is consistency: the small choices we make throughout the day, every day.

These 7 simple and manageable daily goals: morning stretches, meditation on your commute, smart food prep, anti-inflammatory eating, journaling, digital detoxing, and a bedtime ritual, have made Tom feel the best he’s ever felt, and they’ll do the same for you.

You’ll feel the difference from the very first day.


‘Against a backdrop of personal adversity and heartbreak, Tom Daley has proven himself a true inspiration […] The Briton conducts himself with a maturity and poise that belies his 23 years of age and it is this which has ulitmately endeared him to thousands of fans.’
The Independent

‘Ingredients are recognisable and most would be found in the nearest corner shop, and Tom nearly completely avoids the addition of difficult to find, expensive, and on-trend “superfoods”.  The inclusion of daily exercise workouts is a welcome addition to this recipe book too. A good mix of vegetarian, fish and meat meals, with high fibre content and most are very easy to prepare and suitable for the whole family.’
Huffington Post

‘Tom can do no wrong.’
The Irish Independent

‘New healthy living handbook Tom’s Daily Plan is among the New Year’s most highly anticipated launches and it’s been worth the wait. A go-to guide on all things fitness and nutrition, Tom’s experiences as an Olympian are clearly and helpfully broken down into bite-sized and digestible chunks to help inspire healthier habits in those who read it. A mind-body manual created to make fitness and nutrition more accessible, budget friendly and sustainable, his experiences performing on sport’s highest platform give him a truly unique perspective.’ 
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Tom Daley is making a splash in the healthy-eating arena with fitness and recipe book, Tom's Daily Plan. Along with simple workouts and fitness tips, the book is stuffed full of mouthwatering recipes that are healthy but actually hearty too.’
The Irish News

About the author

Tom Daley is an Olympic athlete and TV presenter.

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23 augustus

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