Trail of the Caribou Trail of the Caribou

Trail of the Caribou

A Tale of Dire Wolves in the Time of the Ice Age

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    • € 12,99

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Torro is the newest member of the Alakota pack of dire wolves and sole heir to their leader, Derinie. Born into a world of turmoil and without a mother he must learn the ways of the pack with its order and rituals to survive the harsh climate of the prehistoric Ice Age. With the pack starving for prey and despite his inexperience at hunting, he sets off with his best friend Elsie in search of the caribou. But will his spunky personality and steadfast determination be enough for him to survive threats from saber toothed tigers, mammoths, and bears?

While traversing the frozen tundra Torro must also manage hostile encounters with rival wolf packs plotting for control of the Alakota territory while his fathers leadership is challenged from within. Only Torro knows a secret that threatens the lives of every pack member. How can this brave young wolf protect himself and help the pack to survive through the harshest of winters? Trail of the Caribou chronicles Torros treacherous journey of growth and discovery in a world of peril and promise.

This imagined world of wolves has all the complexity of human relationships in a time before human interference; complete with Native American-inspired folklore and rituals in a rapid-paced story of courage and survival. Torro forges friendships, navigates danger, and connect with the spirits of his ancestors to thrive in the hostile wilderness -a real thrill ride! If you loved the Warrior series or The Guardians of GaHoole, this is the book for you."
Wendy Beeman, Educator

Young adult
12 september