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Join us in this fast-paced, highly erotica taboo tale of a young man and his first experience with a transgender MILF! You won't be left disappointed!

Take a peek inside for the stuff that is far too hot to discuss here...

As we stood there chatting, I soaked up Amanda’s body. She was definitely a MILF, I thought, feeling my cock swell a little against my pants. She was older, probably late forties, with long dark hair tinged with a fleck of grey. Her eyes were big and green, hypnotizing. She was wearing an almost transparent white tank top due to being soaked from sweat. I could see her lacy, black bra peeking out from underneath, trying it's best to contain her large, round breasts. She sported a pair of short pink gym shorts that barely covered her clearly toned ass, her cheeks peeking out from under the he. She was rigid yet feminine, obviously keeping herself in good shape. My cock twitched a little in my pants while checking her out. I've always had a thing for older women and Amanda was a good nine out of ten in my mind.
‘So, Amanda…what do you need help with?’ I asked.
‘Well, it's quite a lot actually,’ she began. ‘I’ve only just moved in. But this big old house needs some serious tending loving care. I was just weeding this front garden and I'd love some help if you're willing.’
‘Yes, ma'am,’ I replied, jokingly placing my hand to my head in a mock salute. I felt my cheeks redden as she winked, giggling at my lame ass attempt to be funny.


We spent most of the day pulling weeds and cleaning up the house. I warmed to her immediately. There was a genuine affection and softness in her eyes. We chatted while working to pass the time. She asked me about school, what I was studying, what I wanted to do when I graduated, the usual. She told me that she had bought the house from the Kingston's just one months ago. She had always wanted to live in a small town to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, and although it was difficult to get used to, she was quite enjoying the quiet life. She told me that she didn't have any family but felt right at home here in our small southern town.
Time flew by. At 4pm we finished up for the day. Amanda thanked me for my help. ‘I've got plenty more to do tomorrow,’ she told me as I was leaving.

‘Understood,’ I replied grinning at the sight of her beautiful face. ‘I'll see you tomorrow morning.’
That night, I found myself thinking about Amanda.

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5 januari
Dixon Pussy

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