Short Stories from the Oil Industry

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Imagine you controlled something that everyone else in the world needed. How would you behave?

What if alternatives existed for your only product? Would you support their development and use, or would you seek to block them?

What if your only product was no longer needed by anyone? How would you make sure that never happened?

What steps would you be willing to take to make sure you weren't cut off from something you couldn't live without?

The answers to these questions and more will surprise you. Information hidden in plain sight, locations and situations that are more than they appear to be on the surface, and clandestine acts are the basis for this book. Straddling the line between fact and fiction, these stories are grounded in verifiable facts yet told with fictional events that cross into the space of conspiracy, and all amidst the backdrop of the global oil industry. From exploration to production, and manipulation to exploitation, no other other natural resource has controlled the human experience more than oil.

About the Author

Rick Butler is new to writing. He is, however, a long time student of science and math with a propensity to recognize behavioral and economic patterns that extend over long periods of time. His inspiration comes from extensive travel, living abroad, and from seeing things that other people usually miss. Rick has forged relationships with people in all walks of life and professionally is considered a subject matter expert in his current field, compensation. He has worked in high tech his entire career and excels in knitting together what to others might seem like disparate events. Getting to know Rick is like peeling an onion, there's a lot of layers. People who know and work with him are often surprised by his depth of knowledge in multiple areas along with the humor and creativity he brings to every situation. Rick has a story or personal experience for every situation that he explains away just 'knowing things'. With all of the companies he has worked for, and all of the cities that he has lived in, there has to be more to him than meets the eye. People wonder, what else has he done or seen?

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2 juli
Gatekeeper Press

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