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Together, Carter and Olivia need to decide if a future together is what they want. If not, they may have to accept that young love can never last.

After their many ups and downs, Olivia and Carter have each been given a second chance to start over without their pasts dictating their futures. Olivia is able to make peace with the truth of what happened to her. Knowing nothing good will come from holding onto her dark past, she finds the forgiveness she needs to move on. With the addition of music into her life, Olivia finds a new, more hopeful reason to survive each day. Soon she's not only surviving, but thriving. With her new friends reminding her she's capable of loving and being loved, the appeal to hide from the world lessens with each passing day.

Carter can't forgive or forget as easily. He knows he still loves Olivia, but being trapped in a dark, cold basement with a gash in his head because of her is hard for him to ignore. When he finally returns home, he discovers everyone has moved on, except him. When Sam, a girl who's seen him broken and afraid, comes for a visit, she tries to convince him that holding onto his past is preventing him from moving toward his future, but she's met with stubborn resistance. If he can't find happiness in the peace Olivia and Emily have found, he may have to face the truth that he will never wake from his nightmare.

Books in The Don't Series

Don't Break Me (Available Now)

After I Broke (Coming May 28, 2019)

Unbreaking (Coming May 28, 2019)

Romantische fictie
28 mei
Jalena Dunphy

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