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Veronica Halstead, the queen of rough sex, presents five hardcore sex shorts that will leave you breathless. These stories cross lines left and right, and this is where to look for first anal sex, rough deepthroat, and rough seduction. You won’t find anyone else who can describe that first painful shock of a rough anal sex encounter, and you’ll never find an ebook that does better at describing the course of a reluctant gangbang as it progressed to double penetration!


Leah is an agent, not a model, but when there’s a scheduling conflict, she steps up to fill in the gap. She had no idea that this would find her completely restrained with a ball gag in her mouth that keeps her from saying no. Five men. That’s how many will have her virgin a*****e, and that’s how many humiliate her by spraying their semen right on her face. Of course, that won’t happen until after her body has already been tortured by a vicious spanking with a heavy paddle!

OFF THE METER: A Rough and Reluctant Sex Erotic Short

Avery is frustrated as hell. Her company doesn’t appreciate her work in investor relations and has no trouble scheduling her travel in a way that makes getting to meetings in decent shape nearly impossible. Now she’s at the airport with only two hours to get to her hotel, get cleaned up, and then get across town to deal with an angry investor. Unfortunately for her, the stress is going to get worse because the handsome cab driver that picks her up has some ideas about his own stress relief, ideas that include Avery’s mouth, pussy, and tight virgin little ass! It’s reluctant sex as only Veronica Halstead can write it.

STRAPPED: A Very Rough Lesbian Gangbang Short

Elisha is pledging a sorority, but she has trouble with one order. Even though she’s supposed to give up men during Hell Week, she just can’t keep her mouth off Joey’s dick! When she gets caught, the sisters decide to find out just how much she likes cock, and they have all the red, pink, blue, and black strap-on dildos they need to find out! It’s a rough gangbang like you’ve never read before as only Veronica Halstead can write it with plenty of reluctance, humiliation, and an exquisite first anal sex double penetration with sex toys!

CORIE CONTROLLING ME: A Very Rough MFF Threesome Short

Janelle has enjoyed wonderful threesome after wonderful threesome with Corie and Tom over the last two years, and when Corie becomes aggressive before their latest encounter, it’s strange. It gets even more confusing because when their latest mff adventure starts, the usually sweet and meek Corie takes control with rough lesbian sex, facesitting, and using Tom and his cock as a weapon. It’s a night of rough and reluctant sex Janelle will never forget.

QUIT YOUR BITCHING: A Reluctant First Lesbian Sex Short

Vicki is so frustrated! For months, all of her dates have turned out horribly. She’s frustrated, sad, and worst of all, horny as hell. She complains to her roommate Janelle, but Janelle has had enough of the bitching about her sex life. She finally decides to take matters into her own hands by giving Vicki a first lesbian sex encounter that will get rid of the sexual frustration, and Janelle doesn’t care how reluctant Vicki is.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various very rough sex encounters. It includes rough gangbang sex, rough lesbian sex, public sex, rough bondage, spanking, humiliation, rough deepthroat, rough first anal sex, semen swallowing, rough double team sex, reluctant sex, ass to mouth, and rough double penetration. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

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Naughty Daydreams Press

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