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Three brides set off to meet their destinies… but can you really predict what the future has in store for you?
Penelope Mathers first meets her husband at the altar, ready for her future as Mrs. Anders West. But she quickly discovers that everything is not what it seems, and her new life is far more complicated than she bargained for. When she meets Caleb, a young stable hand, her heart tells her that her marriage is not what it should be. Just when everything seems hopeless, Penelope discovers a shocking secret that will transform all their lives forever.
Josephine Parker is alive with excitement as she travels to the Western Frontier to marry Paul Stockton. Finally, she can escape the suffocating life of New York’s high society and embrace her true destiny. But her hopes are dashed when she learns that her fiance is already dead, and she finds herself on a train back to New York. Embracing her only opportunity for freedom, Josephine slips away to explore the town, where she meets her fiance’s brother. Andrew is everything she needed to break free of her inhibitions and learn what truly makes her heart beat. At last, her true destiny is in sight.
Alice Abrams signs up for a mail order bride service when her father becomes too ill to support the family. Alice leaves for Oregon to meet her new fiance, but she’s greeted by a surprise at the station: her closest friend, Jesse. Insisting that he accompanies her, Jesse is Alice’s rock in what proves to be a challenging journey towards a future of uncertainty.
The three brides share one startling reality: their destiny is not what it seems.
In Western Mail Order Brides you’ll find three enthralling stories of love and adventure. Join Penelope, Josephine, and Alice as they journey into futures they could never have predicted.
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Romantische fictie
8 april
Gold Crown

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