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LIFE is not easy!  Many life experiences play out in the valley with an occasional sojourn on the mountain top!  It’s been said that often life is more like a battleground than a playground! Jesus didn’t mince words when He proclaimed in the world you will have tribulation (John 16:33).  All mankind experiences circumstances that can only be successfully overcome as we claim God’s promises and identify and apply God’s principles to our lives.

We will experience tribulation, but, we can be of good cheer, because Christ has overcome the world (John 16:33).  Yes, we will inevitably Walk Through The Fire, yet, we need not be consumed by the fire as we access and apply the power of God’s Word while in the midst of the fire; indeed, His power enables us to walk through the fire; a fire that ultimately will be used by God to purify and refine us as we strive to continually be used as His instruments in impacting the lives of others for the glory of God.

Dennis Keller, pastor, author and teacher serves as the Senior Adult Pastor of Hill Country Bible Church in Georgetown, Texas and the Campus Pastor of Hill Country Bible Church in Sun City, Texas. 


Prior to pastoral ministry, Dennis was the host of The Higher Ground Radio Broadcast in Austin, Texas and completed 30 plus years in the casualty insurance and financial planning industry.

In addition to pastoral ministry, Dennis has ministered extensively in prisons throughout Missouri, Illinois and Texas.

Dennis and his wife, Katherine, have lived in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Missouri and Illinois, and they have resided in the beautiful Texas Hill Country of Central Texas for the past 28 years.  They have four children and six grandchildren, all residing in Texas.

30 april
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