White Cloud Station Box Set: Books 5-7

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Books 5-7 in the White Cloud Station series: Suzy, Alexa and Lucy, who live and breath horses, have many adventures at White Cloud Station, where Mike Phillips passes on his grandfather's knowledge and the wild horses live in the nearby mountains. Join the girls and their White Cloud Stationbreds in a book-series filled with the love of horses and a depth of horsemanship.

First published by Penguin Group NZ 2010 5-6; Second edition by Horsecrest Press, 2014

5. Horse Magic novel  - While Suzy and Alexa return to Jasmine Farm, Lucy and Hope are forced to stay behind at White Cloud Station and recover from the near tragic accident that ended their summer holiday.

Grandad has a plan for Hope that will enable Lucy to ride her again.

The end of summer brings new adventures for all of the three girls and their horses – and Suzy gets a fantastic opportunity to do something she never dreamed possible.

6. Autumn with Horses novel - The girls have decided to compete at the National Grand Champion Show where an unexpected winner takes out the 'Grand Champion Show Horse' award.

When they all return to White Cloud Station a mystery ride ends with a wrong turn and an overnight stay at a haunted house, where Suzy discovers a clue to the secret herd of curly-coated horses hidden in the hills behind the station.

7. Winter with Horses  novel - Winter at the station gets off to an icy start when the girls find it is to be sold and they fear this will be their last visit.

Tension builds when Grandad insists on the sale of the valuable black stallion they've all come to love.

Mike Phillips, of White Cloud Station, returns home. With the girls help he comes up with a plan to save the station, but will the rest of his family be convinced their plan will work?

In the meantime, Suzy has her own family issues to deal with when her father makes a surprise announcement.

The end of their winter holiday brings some good news. The girls are rewarded for their hard work, and something exciting is in store for them.

A love of horses, friendship, and adventure are the key elements of this series, which combines great storytelling with an in-depth knowledge of horses and horsemanship.

Young adult
27 september
Horsecrest Press

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