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Book 4 in the Black Mesa Wolves series by USA Today bestselling author J.K. Harper

"Twists and turns, and a few scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Wild Wolf is one hell of a story!"

Cowboy Tate Bardou is a successful horse whisperer with a star-studded client list. He's also a sweet heartbreaker with a panty-melting smile. As a dedicated Black Mesa Wolf Pack Guardian, his days have meaning and purpose. Despite his content life, something essential is missing from his soul. And damned if he can figure out what it is--until he meets stunning, half-wild Claire and everything falls into place.

Wild wolf Claire Amarok lives by her sharply honed instincts, leading a fiercely guarded solitary existence. Growing up without a pack, she was raised to believe they inhibit freedom. But an independent wolf leads a lonely, precarious life. Then she meets Tate, and her untamed heart is finally captured. Tate, however, is undeniably bound to his Pack--and Claire will never submit to their restrictive rules.

Yet when a dangerous wolf from Claire's past returns, Tate and his bewitching wild wolf must join forces. Otherwise, they risk losing everything...especially what matters most to them both.

To the reader: This story is filled with hawt times, sexy romance, and the secret world of wolf shifters. If you love shifters, small towns, and the power of wild love to always triumph in the end, this book is for you.

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