Women Therapists on Healing Women Therapists on Healing

Women Therapists on Healing

Intersectional Essays, Approaches, and Reclamations toward Feminist Futures in Mental Health--11 perspectives on overcoming trauma

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11 perspectives on healing trauma from a diverse group of women therapists—intersectional essays, approaches, and reclamations toward feminist futures in mental health

Women Therapists on Healing is a vital reclamation of 11 women therapists in their own voices, on their own terms. They offer diverse perspectives on trauma and go deep on what it takes to be seen, heard, and healed in an industry that—despite its largely female makeup—still disproportionately privileges the experiences and contributions of men.

Highlighting clinicians at the forefront of healing and transformation, Women Therapists on Healing explores what it means to ask into how women can really heal from trauma—and what it will take to make the world listen. Featuring essays by Jamie Marich, Mimi Savage, Leann Johnson, Robin Shapiro, Claudia Villacova, and others, this anthology is organized into three themes:

Part 1 offers perspectives on trauma and dissociation from some of the leading voices in the fieldPart 2 explores the impacts and intersectionalities of trauma, patriarchy, and misogynyPart 3 discusses different paths to healing from extreme and medically related trauma, from yoga and dance to talk therapy and more
Additional topics explore trauma, dissociation, and memory integration; coping with sexual assault; nurturing a fun and healthy sex life after sexual harm; healing dissociation created by cultural othering; intergenerational trauma; decolonizing therapy; the healing power of reclaiming ancestral cosmology; and the intersections of disability and mental health.

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