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"'Are you a - monster, sir?'
The Lapinearle snorted. 'Men call us monsters, sometimes. We might call them monsters. Many names they give us: monster, faerie, sprite. They are all of them ill-fitting. We are merely the eldest children of earth. Long before Man we were, and long after Man has driven us from the world up-top, still we are, here, in this place - and I am Master.'
'Sir, what is this place. If I might ask?'
The Lapinearle paused. He looked at Alyson long and searchingly before he answered. 'The name of this place, Alyson, is Wonderlust.'"

Welcome to Wonderlust

For Alyson, the prospects her society offers her as a young woman hold little appeal: join her family in the colonies, with the inevitability of marriage; or remain in England, a resented guest of her older male guardian. Small wonder that she retreats into a world of books and fantasy.
Then a picnic outing and the pursuit of a white rabbit lead her into a bizarre, new world, at once beguiling and frightening. Peopled by strange, inhuman creatures such as Alyson had never imagined - lustful beings who have no hesitation in acting on their most carnal desires.
From the moment she enters Wonderlust, Alyson finds, not just her innocence, but her imagination challenged. She experiences pleasure and pleasurable pain such as she had never imagined.
Alyson will be changed forever - but if she makes it out of this bizarre world of inhuman lust, she just might have found the strength to change her own world.

" 'This is Wonderlust, Alyson,' grinned the Cheshire Cat. 'We’re all monsters here.'"

Fictie en literatuur
30 maart
A J Ravenhearst

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