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World Religions
This revolutionary book discusses the multitude of often contradictory religions developed by man.
Key features of the book include:
Mans physical evolution briefly discussed
Religious evolution: from animism to theism
Historical and current religions of the world:
1) Africa and Oceania
2) The Americas and West Indies
3) Europe and Northern Asia.
4) The Middle East
5) India
6) China and Japan
Many new religions and sects:
(a) In the period 15001900
(b) Since 1900
Alternative credos are discussed:
(a) Quasi-religions movements
(b) Philosophical beliefs
(c) Scientific beliefs
(d) Political beliefs
How religions are created and spread
Key issues:
1) Proliferation of new religions and sects
2) Religious persecution and conflict
3) Religious corruption and terrorism
Mohronism: a new religion based on Mohrs ten laws and including Murphys law
Recommendations, including:
(a) Mohrs contact theory
(b) Mere exposure research

Industry and reader comment has included the following:
Some provocative and timely issues
A prophetic warning
A huge topic
It could outsell the Bible

G. A. Mohr did his PhD in Cambridge, where his father helped split the atom.
Geoff Mohr published papers and books on subjects ranging from engineering to corrosion and cancer.

His books A Microcomputer Introduction to the Finite Element Method, A Treatise on the Finite Element Method and Finite Elements for Solids, Fluids, and Optimization established him as a world-leading scientist.

His recent books include the following:
The Pretentious Persuaders
The Variant Virus
The Doomsday Calculation
The War of the Sexes
Heart Disease, Cancer & Aging, 2nd edn.
The History & Psychology of Human Conflict
2045: A Small Town Survives Global Holocaust
Elementary Thinking for the 21st Century

The legendary John Argyris called Geoff Mohr The greatest scientist in Australia.

Edwin Fear is a descendant of Anne Boleyn, whose husband founded the Church of England. He gained a diploma of business science (DBS) majoring in marketing from IASC. He contributed to many research papers and books and cowrote The Evolving Universe, Relativity, Redshift, and Life From Space with G. A. Mohr and Richard Sinclair.

Religie en spiritualiteit
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