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What are they like? What makes them unique? What makes them tick? Are they more creative, innovative or talented than members of other generations? Or are they merely over-confident, careless and spoilt? With the author of Y’d Awake, you have a chance to explore the answer to these questions – and it pays off to do so.

The author presents today’s generation of young employees in a holistic way and reveals the influences that shaped them. From parenting style and new technologies through to education and celebrity culture – did the world make Gen Y-ers the way they are? And is there such a thing as a typical Gen Y-er?

Practical application. The root cause of the problems at work, home and school are often misunderstandings and preconceived assumptions about the younger generation. Understanding Gen Y’s uniqueness is crucial because it will determine the choices you make as the manager, teacher, mentor, and even parent of Gen Y-ers. It makes sense that whenever you look for solutions to your Gen Y issues, you should always keep in mind what makes this generation different; only those strategies that have been shaped with Gen Y’s singularity in mind will allow you to harness it to achieve your desired results. Lessons learnt by managers can be applied at home or in an educational environment, just like strategies that work with young rugby players or reality show participants may prove effective in the office.

Authentic voices. While practicality and relevance are of utmost importance, the variety of voices, tones and opinions presented in Y’d Awake makes it easy to read and relate to. The perspective provided is rich and multidimensional: the book is full of real life examples, references to research, books, articles, documentaries, and even songs! Y’d Awake includes the opinions of managers and business owners who struggle or succeed with Gen Y on a daily basis. Last but not least, Gen Y voices are heard loud and clear.

Who for? Y’d Awake is for those who work with young people, and not just with Generation Y. Understand them and you will be better equipped for the next generation’s arrival on the employment market.

It is the first book that is also for Gen Y-ers themselves. It provides clues on what their managers think of them and why. Once Gen Y-ers understand how they are perceived, they will be empowered to adjust their behaviour to become more successful at realising their goals, whether in their professional or personal lives. The moment of self-reflection inspired by Y’d Awake can be the deciding factor in determining a young person’s future.

The parents of Gen Y-ers, their partners, relatives and friends will certainly find problems they have been trying to understand in this book. Y’d Awake offers them a different look at Gen Y-ers in their lives, and may help make daily coexistence more harmonious and easier for everyone.

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2 september
Zuza Scherer