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Can 17 minutes really change your life? If you're using Tom Hopkins' Sales Presentation formula for success, you'd better believe it!

Do you know the most crucial, most overlooked step that you need to take before setting up any presentation? If you're making the same mistake that most salespeople do, learning this one technique alone could double your sales.

No one knows this secret Sales solution better than the legendary Tom Hopkins, who earned more than one million dollars in commissions during the first three years of his Sales career. Over the course of the past 25+ years, he's been teaching others to do the same. Using Tom's selling secrets just might turn your life around from defeat to success. Learn the formula for successful Sales presentations from one of the highest paid salesmen in America.

Inside these pages you'll discover the key to unlock:

• The Secrets of Buying - This is not a Spectator Sport!

• How to put Champion Power in your presentations

• Ways to finesse that first meeting every time

• Tactics to qualify your prospects for ultimate quota-busting

The formula contained inside Your Sales Presentation: 17-Minute Formula for Success reveals Tom's personal principles that he developed and perfected through his own experiences in Sales. No matter what you sell, your presentations will be more profitable and more valuable to your company using these exact steps. Best of all, you will be a boon to your customers when you use and apply the formula for success. The real question is, can you afford not to make the most out of your 17 minutes?

Your Sales Presentation: 17-Minute Formula for Success is a step-by-step Sales presentation system to take you from Zero to Hero in 17 minutes! Each chapter includes precise techniques that will help you master each step in your Sales presentation, no matter what you're selling.

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