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Over 52 devotionals link modern church culture to specific times of the year, targeting four fights we as Christians face: against the enemy, the flesh, culture, and with and alongside leadership. As a worshiper, this audiobook will positively challenge your worship with fresh, measured perspectives to apply to weekly worship. As a leader, it will increase your leadership equity with your team.

Quotes from the audiobook:

“You have been charged with a great task: to lead people into battle. You carry a heavier weight than most, yet Christ calls His burden light, as long as you trust Him to lead you. So when you lead, participate in worship services, or plan for events, let the Holy Spirit lead you first and foremost.”

“The enemy has already lost. He staged a coup and was struck out of heaven like lightning.”

“It is a bold act of war to live contradictory to the world.”

“As an offering of worship, give back to Him what He has given to you.”

“Lead the same, whether it's for ten or ten thousand. God is worthy of our praise."

“When you look to Him and say, 'I can't do this anymore,' He says, 'I can.'”

“You exist to remind of God's glory, to point to a story bigger than we know. “

“It is through the hardest times in life that we have the sweetest times with Christ. Don't miss the beauty in the chaos.”

“If you want to worship as the Lord wants you to, then you'll always be exploring and seeking Him out. I don't think any of us are doing it right, not completely. But I know that moving closer to Him is always the answer.”

Michael Lacey is passionate about leading people to a deeper connection with God through knowledge and experiences in worship. He strives to inspire and build up team members who want to seek the face of God in worship, both privately and in corporate settings. Currently, Michael serves as a worship leader at Life Fellowship Church in North Mississippi.

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Michael Lacey
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November 15
Michael Lacey